Episode 6: Interview w/ Ben’s Family

Heyyyyyy, HC&U-ers!

We hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks! This episode, we talk about Newborn Screening Awareness Month (September), interview Ben’s family about raising a child/being the sibling of a child with HCU, and GYROS.

We also mention this video pertaining how to say the word “gyro”. It’s worth your time. #welovejimmy

It is GYRO, it is GYRO…TIME!

Okay folks! So, this recipe was totally one that I winged. I cut up a zucchini or two, bell pepper, and onion and sautéed them in some ghee with Italian seasoning. Towards the end of the cooking, I added a little bit of Italian dressing for flavor (just a little; don’t make it runny!). Then we put it in a pita wrap with some lettuce and tomatoes and topped it with a Garlic Aioli that I made based off of this recipe here!

Let us know if you try it! Get creative and use whatever veggies or toppings you like!

P.S. Go to @lowprobites on Instagram (link below) to enter our contest for a FREE SHIRT!

As always, stay classy and #eatyourveggies.

Ben and Lindsey


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