Episode 8: Interview w/ Dr. Harvey Levy and HCU Awareness Month

Hey guys!

This week, we have some good things going for you! First we discuss some HCU Awareness Month items, including a haiku challenge. Then we have an interview with Dr. Harvey Levy, who is a pediatrician and biochemical geneticist at Boston Children’s Hospital and has over 50 years experience with diagnosis, treatment, and research for HCU.

And of course, Halloween is next week! So, we discuss some low protein snack/candy options for this time of year. Below are a few links to some ideas on Pinterest!

Rice Krispy Treats



Low-protein Caramel


Strawberry Ghosts


Halloween Pretzels



Next is Lindsey’s Low-Pro Bites!


This week is another option for get-togethers or parties. Buffalo Cauliflower Dip is SO good and easy! This recipe calls for cream cheese and several other kinds of cheeses as well. I believe I used a low protein cheese, and we used whipped cream cheese to have less protein. You could also order a low-protein cream cheese to use in the recipe as well! Dip with raw veggies or low protein chips!

And last but not least, our “Tell Me Something Good” winner for the week gave us a low-protein recipe to try! See it below! 🙂 Thank you Joanna!


Well, I think that is everything! Let us know if you have some good low-protein Halloween snacks that you typically make!

Eat your veggies!

Ben and Lindsey


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Inspiration for some of Dr. Levy’s interview questions!


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