Episode 13: Interview w/ Orphan Technologies.

Hey guys!

First of all, thank you for being patient with us these past couple of weeks when we have had all kinds of technical difficulties and sickness in our house.

Second of all, we have ALL.THE.EXCITEMENT. for this episode!! We interviewed the CEO of Orphan Technologies Frank Glavin, as well as the Executive Director of Clinical Operations, Jeanie Price. We are so encouraged and excited by the work that they are doing for the HCU community- just wait until you hear their passion for helping HCU patients! We also get updates on OT-58 and how you can get involved in the trials.

Last on the list, we have Lindsey’s Low Pro Bites. This week, we are giving you the recipe on some Cauliflower Curry! It was a little spicy, so if you are not one who likes heat when they eat (lol) then this recipe may not be for you. Either that, or don’t get heavy handed on the spices. The recipe is in the links below (found on Pinterest).

We just wanted to say thank you to those who continue to listen to our podcast and support what we are doing. We appreciate all of you!

Be on the lookout for our next “tell me something good” segment on our Facebook groups, and join in on the conversation! See you next time!


-Ben and Lindsey


Cauliflower Curry

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